Why we exist ...

Through simple to use web based tools, we exist to amplify the voices of Americans, just like you.

We exist to help you affect legislative outcomes that impact you personally, your family and your business.

The Votility concept started in 2009 by founder Brent Willis when he had a conversation with his Congressional representative in D.C. about the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Like many business owners, he was concerned about the impact that this legislation would have on his business and needed a better understanding. When the representative told Brent that "all the people I’ve been talking to are saying that business owners are FOR the ACA," Brent immediately saw a disconnect.  This assessment didn't match up with what local business executives and colleagues were reporting to him. He set out to resolve the difference between the information being given to elected officials and the actual wishes of those who elected them. Thus, Votility was born.

In an age of information and social changes brought on by technology, the Votility online platform for grassroots advocacy helps membership organizations and elected officials educate, organize, engage, and mobilize the people who are affected by pending legislation.

Brent_WillisBrent Willis, Founder & CEO

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"People want to be heard other than just voting every 2,4, or 6 years. Groups that engage them and measure it are positioned to win the public policy battles of the future."


With over 47,000 members, rapid communication in the heat of a legislative session can be cumbersome and difficult. Thanks to Votility, we were able to communicate quickly and efficiently with our members in the final days of session, when bills move very quickly. That ease of communication helped us receive the needed feedback to amend a troublesome bill before it was too late. Votility software is absolutely vital in helping the State Bar of Georgia achieve its advocacy goals.
-Thomas Worthy, Director of Governmental Affairs, State Bar of Georgia



Watch this video for an overview of how organizations use Votility to activate stakeholders for grassroots action