Votility offers four ready-to-work editions of our advocacy software. Find the edition that's right for your organization.

  • ENGAGE is perfect for organizations just starting an advocacy program.
  • ADVOCATE can expand your advocacy program and integrate with your website.
  • ACQUIRE is ideal for organizations that do fundraising or need to increase donations.
  • RETAIN is designed for organizations that need to integrate advocacy with existing AMS or CRM systems.


Licensing, Setup and Support

Licensing Fee

  • Invoiced annually at time of agreement.
  • Multiple administrative users.
  • No per seat charges.
  • Multi-year agreements available at discounted rates.

One time $1,000 onboarding fee includes:

  • Customized setup and branding.
  • Unlimited email and phone support.
  • Membership Marketing and Advocacy Best Practices Guide
  • One time $495 Integration Fee for Retain Product

The Mississippi Wildlife Federation has been very satisfied with Votility. There have been times that we requested changes or add on’s to our site…and without hesitation, our needs were met. The customer service is top notch, going above and beyond in answering our questions, providing tutorials and building the site to best fit us. Not only are we pleased on the admin side of Votility, but the site is easy to navigate for our end users. We are pleased with Votility and their dedicated staff.

Amanda Jones, Development Coordinator, Mississippi Wildlife Federation
-Amanda Jones, Development Coordinator, Mississippi Wildlife Federation

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This at-a-glance Dashboard shows a snapshot of what’s taking place in your Votility account.

  • See near real-time, all member advocacy actions
  • Quickly gauge member sentiment
  • Track and Measure engagement rates

Search national and state databases for active legislation.

  • Instantly pull all active legislation into the Votility platform to share with your members.
  • Display your Policy Position to educate your stakeholders.
  • Displays to members in easy to read format.

Display non-legislative items for member action.

  • Proactively act on legislative proposals before they become public.
  • Display for member action any proposal that may affect your members or industry before it becomes critical.
  • Show legislators member sentiment on their proposal to help inform their position.

Communicate to your stakeholders what the pending legislation proposes to do.

  • Search and Display legislative summaries.
  • Communicate details on legislative policy to stakeholders.
  • Link to other publically available content and videos to educate your stakeholders on the issue.

Customize Votility to meet your specific organizational look and feel and business workflows.

  • Customize with specific organizational branding.
  • Fully control look and feel.
  • Create Public or Private facing, fully branded, advocacy campaigns.

Compile member sentiment on specific legislation into an internal or external report.

  • Aggregate member feedback for external distribution to elected officials.
  • Show clearly how members feel on a certain issue.
  • Show member sentiment by voting district and state to demonstrate clearly voter wishes on specific legislation.

See and compile relevant data on who took action.

  • Aggregate member action and engagement statistics.
  • Share member engagement stats with colleagues.
  • Demonstrate to leadership Return on Investment.

Get near real-time member feedback on critical issues.

  • Ask and get answers on critical legislation from your members.
  • Dashboard displays members votes and comments.
  • Aggregate member votes and comments for internal and external use.

Congressional and state legislator contact Information is automatically populated and displayed.

  • API technology updates and displays elected official contact information as well as social media accounts.
  • Initiate letter and email campaigns to reps.
  • Initiate call campaigns.

Use Votility’s Call Module to track and measure member communication to Representatives.

  • Initiate Call Campaigns.
  • Create Scripts for critical information.
  • Track and Measure who made a call and the result of the call.

Create custom letter and email campaigns to elected officials.

  • Create organizationally branded or non branded messaging.
  • Allow members to edit letter and email messages.
  • Target messaging to specific Rep or committee members.

Create high quality, custom branded campaigns for quick action.

  • Upload logo and 4 color header for full branded campaign landing pages.
  • Customize Color scheme, Look and Feel.
  • Associate campaign to specific legislation or regulation.

Create campaigns to increase member sign ups and export them for internal or external uses.


Create customized promotional campaigns to drive new membership and donations.

  • Tie Marketing, Advocacy and Fundraising together in one campaign.
  • Create Promotional campaigns to drive new members and advocates.
  • Create fully branded Fundraising campaigns to drive donations.

See all relevant data and around who signs up for the promotion.

  • Receive geo-location results; who took the action and where they’re located.
  • Retain all contact data from campaign.
  • Search and display results for internal or external use.

Create custom Industry news feeds for retention marketing and brand loyalty.

  • Create custom Industry news by topic or geographic area.
  • Distribute through custom RSS feed or email.
  • Increase retention by customer driven news feeds.

Use API technology to integrate Votility into third party platforms for maximum efficiency.

  • API technology with Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Use API to pre-populate member accounts.
  • Use API to ‘map back’ member data into primary member management software.