Save Time on Grassroots Advocacy 

Searching for and displaying pending federal, state and local legislation can be a manual and overwhelming task. With the majority of membership associations reporting that insufficient staff is one of their biggest challenges, managing advocacy around pending legislation can become a burden and not an asset.

Automate Advocacy Campaigns

Save time by putting everything you need for successful grassroots lobbying and adovacy in one place. Votility's online advocacy tool enables you to:

  • Search and display federal, state, or local legislation on your website or behind a secure login.
  • Educate individuals on why this legislation is important to them.
  • Place a direct call to action for advocacy for individuals to email, call or write their matched legislators.
  • Create specific advocacy landing pages that can be shared through email, social media, online communities or directly embedded on your website.
  • Measure the actions that individuals take on specific legislation so you can shape and influence legislation on their behalf.

Request a personalized demo of the Engage edition, and see Votility can fit easily into your organization's workflow.

Votility does 90 percent of what we need for grassroots advocacy, and the extra services offered by more expensive solutions did not fill in that last 10 percent. It's simple, seamless, and is very cost effective compared to any other option I found.
-Matt Dogal, Senior Director of State Legislative Affairs, IPCPR
As an Executive Director of a state advocacy group, we needed a better way to automate the legislative process and activate our members to take action on important and time sensitive bills. Before Votility, we were performing many government relations tasks manually, which, even though it was a critical mission for us, took a consider amount of time from my staff and resources from our office. With Votility, we can easily provide our members the tools they need to help us affect the legislative process. The ease and functionality are things both my staff and our members really enjoy. As the Executive Director, I enjoy the automation of the member engagement process and the member data that is produced helps our leadership better inform the legislators on bills of interest our organization
-Brandon Butler, Executive Director, Conservation Federation of Missouri
search and display pending legislation
Save time searching for pending federal, state or local legislation to display to individuals.

educate on pending legislation
Educate individuals on the specific federal, state, or local legislation that impacts them.

legislators contact information
Stop searching for the right contact information to reach federal and state legislators!

grassroots lobbying email
Track and measure emails sent to representatives about specific federal, state, or local legislation.